Full Spectrum Aquatics


Turtle is exploring options in the following areas: planet colonization, strategic immortality, weaponized nanobots, cellular warfare (both kinds), intelligent exoskeletons. Shrimp is aware of all these things (Shrimp reads), despite and/or because of Turtle’s ongoing efforts in schools, colleges and universities, both public and private.

Turtle gets together with advisors and a select group of key strategic allies to evaluate and assess the disruptive advantages of “Project Lure” (Turtle’s response to all presumed potential adversaries discovering any Designated Enemies Of Turtle), in the case of decisive military action going counter to plans. Shrimp has a full-time job and a limited social life.

Turtle has assets, spies, allies, mortars, planes, counter-planes, warheads, custom ICBMs, intel, counter-intel, counter-counter-intel and so on, all of which played key roles when they struck the Urchinian village, estimated population 294. Being a city shrimp, Shrimp has no plans to get married.

Operation Krill never occurred to the now-indefinitely-detained blue crabs until Turtle operatives convinced them of its merits. Shrimp yawns a bit, then goes back to sleep.

In the Turtlemania movie, the scene where the scampi test as being “somewhat sympathetic” to 17.9% of audiences in 35.3% of key markets will be deleted, because terrorists. Shrimp is not a terrorist. The Turtlemania book is pulled.

Turtle vociferously proclaims that shrimp – in particular, the malfeasant sort of shrimp who fall in with the wrong sort of crowd – will ever be tolerated “because we’re of the sea,” before pushing back a tear. The Turtle-loving, shrimp-detesting crowd cheers, and the feed is broadcast worldwide. Shrimp decides not to tell her co-workers anything, before swimming off for lunch.

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